How to park your bike safely

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What are the advantages of the bike and ride system?

  •  A dry and clean parking space.
  • An increased protection against theft compared to a freely accessible parking space.
  • More protection against vandalism.
  • Safe use thanks to the illuminated interior *. Access to the system is only possible with a code.
  • Easy online registration via an electronic access and booking system.
  • Quick access to the system via a code, no key organization is necessary.
  • Sufficient space for additional storage of utensils, e.g. a bicycle helmet and clothes.*

* depending on the type of storage facility

How can I rent a parking space?

  1. You choose your location, a parking space and the desired rental period.
  2. You register by entering your contact details.
  3. You choose a payment method. The following are possible: PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit.
  4. After successful payment you will receive your personal access code by email.
  5. Now you can use the bike and ride facility on site.

How do I know that boxes/ lockers have charging sockets?

After you have selected a location via Search and Book Box, a visualisation of the system appears. This visualisation shows the different parking spaces/ lockers, including the respective parking space/ locker number.

If the symbol of a plug is shown below the parking space/ locker number of an available parking space/ locker, this parking space/ locker has a charging socket for e-bikes and pedelecs.

What does the "1 day" rental term mean?

If you book now for one day, this booking is now valid until 11:59 p.m. the following day.

What happens after I have entered my personal data for profile registration?

An e-mail with the subject "Please confirm your profile at the BR portal" will be sent afterwards. Please check your inbox! In this e-mail you have to confirm your e-mail address. After successful confirmation, an e-mail with the subject "Welcome to the BR portal" will be sent and the profile is created.

What payment methods are available?

There are the three payment options: PayPal, credit card and SEPA direct debit. For all payment methods, the payment is made via PayPal Plus. Therefore, PayPal Plus must be selected in the booking process for all payment methods. After the booking you will be redirected to PayPal and can choose between the three payment methods. The payment is possible without an own PayPal account.


What information do I receive by e-mail?

  • A profile confirmation message
  • A registration confirmation for your profile
  • A booking confirmation with your access data to the facility
  • Payment reminders
  • A payment confirmation or invoice
  • Information about extending a booking

How can I change my e-mail address stored in my user account?

Please contact us if you wish to change the e-mail address stored in your user account. We will gladly arrange the change of address for you.

How can I view my access data?

You can view your access data at any time in the My B+R Box login area under "Manage bookings". To do this, you have to log in with your e-mail address and password. You will also receive an e-mail with the access data after the booking. The subject is "Your PIN for your booking - booking number: 7-XXXXXX".


How can I request new access data?

After you have logged in to the My B+R Box login area with your e-mail address and password, click on the booking number under "Manage bookings". Then click on the "Request new access data" button. You will then receive new access data by e-mail. These can also be viewed in the login area. You can find out how to view your access data under "How can I view my access data?".


How do I use the system on site?

Before using the facility, you must register directly at the facility once per booking period. To do this, you enter your access data on the control element of the system. You can then open the door. Proceed as follows:

  • Enter key #/F2 --> Then enter the complete access data, e.g:
  • Valid until date: 20180815
  • Number: 002
  • PIN: 5678
  • Checksum: 54812

To open the system, enter your number and PIN directly without preselecting a key, e.g .:

  •     Number: 002
  •     PIN: 5678

If the F1 key is available on a system, it must first be entered to open it.

How often can I open the door during the rental period?

During the rental period you can open and close the door with your access data as often as you like.

How does parking on the upper floor of the box work?

The upper boxes have a rail that can be pulled out and tilted down. The bicycle is placed on this rail and the rail is lifted. The bicycle is well anchored in the rail by means of an appropriate device.

Please note that it is not possible to park an e-bike/pedelec in the upper part of the boxes due to its weight.

Please note that parking an e-bike/pedelec in the upper part of the boxes is not possible at every location, it due to its weight. More information about the maxium weight, size etc. you will find in the reference texts belonging to the location you would like to rent a box. 

How can I extend a booking?

The extend function is available:

  • for annual bookings 30 days before the end of the term
  • for monthly bookings 14 days before the end of the term
  • for weekly bookings 3 days before end of term
  • for daily bookings 12 hours before end of term
  • To extend an existing booking, log in with your access data under My B+R Box.
  • Go to "Manage bookings".
  • In the right-hand column below the booking status, the "Extend" field will appear if you are about to end your existing booking. Click on "extend" and follow the booking process.
  • After you have extended your booking, you will receive a new registration code and a PIN with a longer duration.
  • Attention: After you have entered the new data on your system, your old data is no longer valid.

Is my set bike automatically insured?

No, your bike is not automatically insured. Kienzler Stadtmobiliar GmbH is not liable for stolen items or other damage.

Tip: Check your existing insurance policies.

Who does what?

  • The plant is property of the municipality. If you have any fundamental questions about the plant in your town, please contact your local authority.
  • The company Kienzler Stadtmobiliar takes care of the rental and technical support of the facility on behalf of the municipality, is the contractual partner and payee. If you have any technical questions or problems with booking, use or payment, please contact Kienzler.