You can find our Bike and Ride Box at the most famous destination station for commuters in Germany:


Since mid-August there is the first secure bike parking at the Berlin Central Station for the bike commuters of the capital! The Bike and Ride Box team would like to to thank DB for the location at Agnes-Zahn-Harnack-Straße!


There are more locations with our innovative bike boxes with online booking system at the following stations:

Dietzenbach, Efringen-Kirchen, Grenzach, Wyhlen,  Hausach, Herborn, Müllheim, Potsdam Griebnitzsee, Steinen, Rodgau,

Recklinghausen and Hamburg and also with a functionality for pedelec rental, in the district of Göttingen and in Altenbeken.


New locations will come in the next months:

Erfstadt, Konz, Wetzlar, Schliengen, Zell i. Wiesental and a pedelec rental in Switzerland and up to 20 locations in Schleswig-Holstein.


Using the upper tier

How can I park my bike in the upper tier? The following video shows you the simple mechanism.